Because Life is precious

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3m Surgicals

3MS providing health services with the most Innovative advance treatments & surgical techniques in the field of cardiovascular, Nuero, Cancer surgery, GI, Bariatric, & other complexed surgeries . our instruments and products are performing best practices to enhance experience of our surgeons and Physicians.   

To Serving the Humanity is being accomplished by improving clinical procedures and the quality of life of the patients by providing innovative products and special clinical services to the end users along with the cooperation of renowned surgeons and leading hospitals in the country.

To Continuities of innovation and design to assist in superior treatment for the citizen of today for a better “tomorrow”


3M Surgicals founded in 2001 as distributor of medical devices. 

From start, our focus were to provide advance treatments in cardiovascular diseases. We made our delivery system easy and hassle free so that each client can get our products easily and on time. 

because life is precious


To enhance competition and improve affordability for patients, our country must.

surgical oncology

PERFORMER HT the most advanced system for Hyperthermic Perfusion

surgical Urology

Targeting Bladder Cancer with Hyperthermia

neuro surgery

Innovative shunt technology, including a patented adjustable valve mechanism with overdrainage protection

Cardiac sutures

Our products are manufactured using the latest techniques and all compounds are of a high technical level

surgical instruments

Famous Surgical Instruments manufacturer, at the surgeons’ service since 1920. 



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Office No: 77, 2nd Floor, Near Chugtai Labs , Jail Road, Lahore, Punjab